Charlotta Lomas

Bonn, Germany

Charlotta Lomas

radio producer & presenter
editor & journalist


What does climate change taste like?

With global temperatures forecast to increase by 2 degrees Celsius over the coming decades, will we have to say goodbye to the things we love to consume or will they taste even better?
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Eco freaky

What does it mean to live sustainably? Is it enough to simply recycle our waste, or do we need to do more? We head into the domestic sphere to find out what some eco-freaks are doing to reduce their own carbon footprint - and discover just how hard it is.
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Hair, identity & politics

This week on Pulse: the politics of hair in South Africa, meet the director of the ‘first-ever African teen film’, and how sisters in Canada are doin’ it for themselves.
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Bein' green

The weird and wonderful ways that people in Germany are living sustainably.
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The dark side

From criminal minds to blood-sucking vampires, we uncover the dark side of the animal kingdom.
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A chimp on trial

If a chimpanzee kills a fellow chimp, could it be classified as murder? That's what some scientists are trying to argue.
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By 2050, it's expected there'll be some 9 billion mouths to feed globally. We hear how people around the world are striving for food security, albeit in sometimes curious ways.
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Breaking new ground

This week on Pulse: Why Syrian refugees are turning to Shakespeare, how to realize a dream based entirely on cardboard, and meet the Honduran artist who seeks out danger.
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What inspires you?

This week on Pulse: From rising stars to dying starts, we find out what drives people to do the things they do.
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Shake it

This week on Pulse: how music and dance shape the world we live in. We hear from the Jerusalem Youth Choir that’s bridging cultural and political divides. And we find out how dance is changing lives in Kenya and keeping Californian kids off the streets.
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Truth Be Told

Tensions mount over Vietnam's mass fish kill, young Americans demand climate action, text messages help farmers reap better yields, and why climate change is making our food toxic.
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Green cuisine

On Monday (06.06.2016), an EU panel will try to reach a long-awaited agreement on whether or not to reauthorize glyphosate - we find out why the decision has been so controversial. Plus, how reviving traditional cuisine offers delicious solutions to the problem of food waste in Chile and Greece. And we meet one of New England's last lobstermen about a vanishing species - and way of life.
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Charlotta Lomas

Charlotta Lomas is a multi-platform journalist with a Master of Journalism.

She currently works for Deutsche Welle, Germany's international broadcaster, as the environment editor, and producer and host of Living Planet, an award-winning weekly environment radio program.

Previously, she has worked as a freelance correspondent filing news and current affairs reports from Europe and Australia.

She speaks English, Dutch, French and German.



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