Charlotta Lomas

Charlotta Lomas

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Climate Change: How Did We Get Here?

Look pretty much anywhere on our planet and it’s clear that human beings are having an outsized impact on the Earth. And it’s not just climate change. There’s our enormous land footprint, our rapidly growing numbers, our thirst for resources, and the vast quantities of waste we produce every year.
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Winner | The AIBs 2017

Living Planet: The road to renewables
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Winner | New York Radio Awards 2015

Living Planet: Our Plastic Planet
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Living Planet: In deep water

Climate change means the sea level is rising and storms are more frequent and intense. We visit communities around the world facing rising waters – from Fijians being forced to relocate to the Dutch marketing their flood-defense expertise.
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Living Planet: Pining for paradise

Planning your next holiday? Maybe you're dreaming about relaxing on an island beach, snorkelling in coral-rich waters or touring a quaint European city. Wherever you're headed, it's worth sparing a thought for the locals. While tourism can be a blessing for businesses, it can often be a curse for the environment.
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Living Planet: The new gold rush

We live on a planet of finite resources but our demand for new consumer products and technologies keeps growing. That's driving a race to extract materials from ever-more remote corners of the Earth – and beyond.
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Living Planet: Sustaining nature

Climate change threatens India's most sacred river, Senegalese octopus come back from the brink, Chilean fishermen embrace sustainable practices, and we meet the volunteer who's been spearheading the world’s biggest beach cleanup.
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Living Planet: Our CO2 problem

There's only so much CO2 we can release before we push the global temperature above 2 degrees – what scientists call our carbon budget. Do we stand a chance of weaning ourselves off fossil fuels in time?
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Living Planet: '1.5 is still possible'

UN climate chief Patricia Espinosa says there is political will to curb climate change. She told DW once we speed up our transition to renewables and away from fossil fuels, we'll be on the right track.
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Living Planet: A 5 percent chance of success

Climate scientist Kevin Anderson is one of the world's leading authorities on carbon budgets. He told DW keeping global warming below 2 degrees is a choice — but it's one we have to make it fast.
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Inside Europe: Why COP23 matters

COP23 kicked off here in Bonn on Monday. It’s a two week meeting aimed at strengthening the 2015 Paris climate agreement. 196 countries are participating in it, plus the European Union. Fiji is presiding over this year’s summit – a tiny island nation which faces an existential threat from global warming.
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Living Planet: 1.5 to stay alive

As the 23rd annual UN climate conference kicked off in Bonn this week, the message from small island states was loud and clear: 1.5 to stay alive. At COP23, Living Planet spoke with Pacific Islanders, climate activists and indigenous peoples campaigning for urgent climate action:
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Charlotta Lomas

Charlotta Lomas is an award-winning journalist.

She currently works for Deutsche Welle, Germany's international broadcaster, as the environment editor, and producer and host of Living Planet.

Previously, she has worked as a freelance correspondent in Europe and Australia.

She speaks English, Dutch, French and German.



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