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Bonn, Germany

Charlotta Lomas

radio producer & presenter
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Living Planet: The last resort

Imagine a post-apocalyptic world, where almost everything has been destroyed except for a few survivors. How will they start over? On this episode of Living Planet we hear stories of dilemma and last resort.
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Living Planet: Emissions and omissions

Volkswagen's emission scandal could boost e-mobility, California embraces plug-in vehicles, and Filipinos fight for compensation after a string of mining disasters.
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Living Planet: Our plastic planet

Over the past century, plastic has revolutionized the way we live. So far, we've produced about 6 billion tons of plastic - and most of it has ended up in the trash. On today's edition of Living Planet, we're following its trail, around the world and even through time.
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At the wrong end of the food chain

Vultures are highly specialized birds, essential for the health of the environment. But their population has decreased dramatically. The birds are being poisoned, Borja Heredia told DW, often intentionally. Global Ideas: Globally speaking, how big is the problem of poisoning? Borja Heredia: Bird poisoning is a global issue.
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Living Planet: A change is coming

Australia's federal government cracks down on environmentalists, scientists point to climate change after Alaska’s worst fire season on record, and what does music have to do with climate change?
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Living Planet: Rising tides, vanishing homes

As global sea levels rise cities will have to make a choice: adapt or flee.
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Climate change could displace up to a quarter of a billion people

As Germany grapples with an ongoing refugee crisis, delegates from around the world are also meeting in Bonn to negotiate a new climate treaty. A climate refugee advocate talked to DW about future perspectives.
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Living Planet: Cities, climate & conservation

The city of Paris takes action on climate change, Vienna explores novel ways to keep cool after the hottest summer on record & an organic cooperative in Oslo connects farmers with consumers.
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Living Planet: Food Security

Experts warn of severe food shocks, Russia destroys western food imports, Norway’s oil fund divests from palm oil, and a Spanish city’s crusade against leftovers. Producer/Presenter: Charlotta Lomas Studio manager: Eliane Guillarducci Studio technician: Thomas Schmidt
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Living Planet

A big win for pedal power in Sao Paulo, uncertainty looms over India’s toxic rivers, DNA tests to catch poachers, and a phone app that could help save Austria's wetlands.
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Living Planet

Australia’s attack on renewables, the nuclear bomb 70 years on, and the Iberian lynx’s comeback from the brink of extinction.
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Living Planet: Shaping Nature

Controversy looms over Rio’s water pollution ahead of the 2016 Olympic Games -- Pesticide use booms in Brazil, but at what cost? – And how politics shaped nature on the Polish-Belarusian border.
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Charlotta Lomas

Charlotta Lomas is a multi-platform journalist with a Master of Journalism.

She currently works for Deutsche Welle, Germany's international broadcaster, as the environment editor, and producer and host of Living Planet.

Previously, she has worked as a freelance correspondent filing news and current affairs reports from Europe and Australia.

She speaks English, Dutch, French and German.



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