Charlotta Lomas

Journalist, Editor, Producer

Bonn, Germany

Charlotta Lomas

Producer, presenter, editor and correspondent for Deutsche Welle, Germany's international broadcaster.


Living Planet: fracking and illhealth

Alberta residents take fracking head on, Italy’s olive oil production is hit hard, the myth of New York City’s rats revealed, and could legalizing rhino horn trade help save the species from poaching?
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Living Planet: Energy avant garde

Environment activists under threat in UN climate venue Peru - Why European birds are in decline – Germany goes avant garde with energy solutions. And – Copenhagen's Lighting Lab shows cities how to reduce their carbon footprint.
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Living Planet: Emitting and Committing

Oil drilling a threat to Spain's Canary Islands - Saving Istanbul's parks from urban development - The cost of air pollution in the European Union -A look ahead to the World Climate Summit in Peru.
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Air pollution costing Europe billions

Air pollution is not only unhealthy but also expensive. Hans Bruyninckx of the European Environment Agency tells DW why. His agency's recent report shows staggering annual costs as a result of relatively few companies.
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Living Planet: The Population Debate

Could population control solve the problem of climate change? - Why South African rangers are trying to sell off their rhinos - How the Netherlands takes the concept of bicycle paths to a whole new level - And the latest from the World Parks Congress in Sydney.
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Curbing population growth not the answer

The planet is facing huge environmental challenges and although it’s controversial some argue curbing population growth could help. But UNFPA's Daniel Schensul tells DW controls won't achieve much in the short-term.
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G20 continue to prop up fossil fuel industry

As the G20 meet this week, a report by the Overseas Development Institute and Oil Change International says they are failing to meet pledges to phase out support for fossil fuels. The ODI’s Shelagh Whitley talks to DW.
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Living Planet: Mapping the unknown

Governments still spending big on fossil fuels - mapping the world's vast unknown seas - discovering the intricacies of whale songs - and where did all the poppies go?
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Living Planet: Inside Fukushima

Inside Fukushima’s crippled nuclear plant -- Vietnam's zoos discover the joy of toys -- Greenpeace names and shames Europe’s boats -- And Panama's indigenous people fight to conserve their forests.
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Fukushima disaster site 'like a science fiction film'

Science journalist Ranga Yogeshwar has gained extensive access to Japan's battered Fukushima power plant. He speaks to DW about exploring radiation-contaminated zones, and how the cleanup has progressed so far.
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Living Planet: Violence and climate change

Extreme weather threatens the future of coffee in Brazil – Strong links between climate change and violence -- Locals try to tackle Morocco's huge waste problems. Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. So much so that it's the world's second largest commodity. That commodity is now under severe pressure.
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Higher temperatures lead to 'substantially more violence'

As climate change takes hold, the link between hot temperatures and human aggression could make for more crime and civil conflict. But we still need to understand why, says Stanford researcher Marshall Burke.
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Charlotta Lomas

Charlotta Lomas is a multi-platform journalist with a Master of Journalism.

She currently works for Deutsche Welle, Germany's international broadcaster, as the environment editor, and producer and host of Living Planet.

Previously, she has worked as a freelance correspondent filing news and current affairs reports from Europe and Australia.

She speaks English, Dutch, French and German.



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