Charlotta Lomas

Bonn, Germany

Charlotta Lomas

radio host & producer


What does climate change taste like?

With global temperatures forecast to increase by 2 degrees Celsius over the coming decades, will we have to say goodbye to the things we love to consume or will they taste even better?
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Living Planet: Do animals flirt?

Animals dance and sing, and do all kinds of funny things in order to court their most desired. But do they actually flirt? DW’s Charlotta Lomas talks to biologist and comedian Simon Watt from the Ugly Animal Preservation Society.
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Living Planet: Birds do it, bees do it

Even educated fleas do it - we learn the art of flirting in the animal kingdom. Plus, do cats fly? Apparently they do.
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Will China lead the world on climate action?

As the US administration's position on climate change flails, a new contender has emerged. Could China, another of the world's top CO2 emitters, take the lead on climate? Maybe, says China analyst Sam Geall.
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Living Planet: Edging closer

The world ticks closer to doomsday, China steps up on renewables & Morocco's mosques get a green makeover.
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Living Planet: Sounds of nature

We revisit some of our favorite musical stories of the last year: The lit-hopper behind the Rapper's Guide to Climate Chaos, scientists turning climate data into music, and how beatboxing with birds could help protect biodiversity.
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Living Planet: Resilient cities

With most of the world's population now living in urban areas, cities will need to adapt and prepare for climate change. Some are already rising to the challenge.
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Living Planet: Froggy-style

Fighting to conserve the world's wonderful creatures, both big and small. And noisy animals, how we love the sound of some - but hate the sound of others.
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Living Planet: Flirting with food

We get a taste for Italy's rare 'white gold' truffles, sample some fresh veggies grown under the sea, and ponder purity while sipping on a pint of German beer.
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What does climate change sound like?

Researching yellow-cedar trees in the Alexander Archipelago drew ecologist Lauren Oakes to the conclusion that these fine-grained, butter-colored trees are dying off because of climate change. After sharing her data with fellow Stanford Phd Nik Sawe, the result was … musical! Lauren Oakes and Nik Sawe share how they turned a yellow cedar tree into a piano solo.
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Living Planet: The road to renewables

What a Trump victory means for climate policy, why big data could transform renewables, and how a tiny town became the vanguard of Germany's energy revolution.
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Living Planet: 'Trump a setback for climate policy'

How is the US Presidential election result impacting the UN climate talks currently underway in Marrakesh? DW talks to Niklas Höhne from the New Climate Institute to find out.
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Charlotta Lomas

Charlotta Lomas is a multi-platform journalist with a Master of Journalism.

She currently works for Deutsche Welle, Germany's international broadcaster, as the environment editor, and producer and host of Living Planet, an award-winning weekly environment radio program.

Previously, she has worked as a freelance correspondent filing news and current affairs reports from Europe and Australia.

She speaks English, Dutch, French and German.



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