Charlotta Lomas


Charlotta Lomas

Dutch-Australian multimedia journalist based in Europe -- Freelance correspondent for Deutsche Welle, Germany's international broadcaster -- Speaks English, Dutch, French and German.


Feature: Sorry for What?

In 2008, the Australian government made a national apology to the Stolen Generations, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. Charlotta Lomas examines the colonialist underpinnings of the apology.
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Australia's refugee policy causes 'mental rot'

Each year, hundreds of people travel by boat to Australia to claim asylum. Often in transit through Indonesia, many pay people smugglers to make the long and dangerous journey. But instead of finding refuge in Australia, those who arrive by boat are sent to Pacific island detention centers, with no chance of resettlement in Australia.
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Asylum seeker's trauma treatment

Australia is facing critism over the way it treats asylum seekers and refugees. Since mid 2013, asylum seekers who arrive by boat are sent to detention centers on islands in neighboring countries, often waiting for years for a decision on their case. For many of the refugees, this treatment is often a new traumatic experience, after they've fled persecution and torture in their homeland. Report: Charlotta Lomas, Melbourne, Australia Aired on Deutsche Welle's World in Progress program, 22/01/2014
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Scientist wants to clone Italy's rarest bear

With only 40 Marsican brown bears left in Italy, the species is on the brink of extinction. One scientist has a controversial plan to prevent its extinction - to clone it. And, he doesn't want to stop there.
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Holding polluters to account

When 25-year-old Charleric Bailly found thousands of bits of plastic on France's beaches, he made it his mission to find out more.
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'Agri-dating' in search of rural romance

Living and working on a farm can be lonely if you have no one to share it with. So French farmers have turned to "agri-dating" in the hope of finding a homestead companion. Report: Charlotta Lomas, Montcuq, France
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Farmers fight cow farts to protect the climate

Gas emissions from flatulent, belching cows contribute to global warming. In an effort to protect the climate, French farmers are giving their herds feed that will reduce how often the animals belch and break wind. Report: Charlotta Lomas, Bordeaux, France
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France forces dry cleaners to use safer chemicals

Dry-cleaning may get that wine stain out of your favorite top, but it will also leave cancer-causing fumes in the air. France has decided to ban the main chemical used in dry cleaning and push cleaners to go green. Report by Charlotta Lomas, Paris, France
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The sky's the limit

A master storyteller with an imagination that knows no bounds, Matthias Brasch's music both surprises and soothes. His stage is not the concert arenas of the world before intoxicated masses, but in private living rooms where intimate connections are forged and happy memories linger.
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The devil's in the detail

Love and heartbreak: Their themes are timeless but their sound is fresh. Berlin-based soul rock quartet Devil Named Jones draws on its members' multicultural backgrounds for an eclectic style.
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Dancing in the dark with No Lights No Lycra

This is one party where it doesn't matter what you wear, since there will be strictly "No Lights, No Lycra." Report: Charlotta Lomas, Melbourne, Australia
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Interview: Award winning artsist Marie Aly

German painter Marie Aly explains the nature of her works which have received an award from Holland's Queen Beatrix.
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Charlotta Lomas

Charlotta Lomas is a multi-platform journalist with a Master of Journalism and experience working across print, photography, online, radio, television, and documentary journalism. She's also been an editor and translator, as well as a producer and presenter for live broadcast.

Charlotta works as a freelance correspondent for Deutsche Welle, Germany's international broadcaster, filing news and current affairs reports from Europe and Australia.

Charlotta speaks English, Dutch, French and German.



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